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SK-T2000 Intelligent touch panel

Lights are very important element whatever in a house or in hotel. How to control the lights in your place with the most suitable way is fundamental resource in lighting projects. SPEEDKEY lighting control touch panel gives you control of your lights at the simple touch of a button, touch screen or via remote without any compromise of interior decoration, because it is offering in a variety of touch panel frame finish to suit various decorations needs. Instead of traditional plastic switch, it lets you create right lights for the best picture quality in your room only with touch operation.

  • LED backlight buttons can be easily located in the dark.
  • Up to 4 lightings to be linked up in one panel, there are panels with one, two, three and four gangs plugs master all on/off button for options.
  • Remote control can easily set up indoor lighting scene by selecting buttons cross as many panels as .

Picture Description
SK-T2000L1 Intelligent touch panel
SPEEDKEY lighting control touch panel offers reliable and precise control. Touching plate momentarily turns light on with lighting level rising gradually to full brightness; touching plate again will turn off with the light blinking and gradually fading. The corresponding LED backlight on the touch panel will clearly indicate the on/off status of the equipment, and the user can easily find the control in the dark. Press and hold Master Off key for 3 seconds, the key will flash and it will turn off the lamps in preset time automatically, so that the user has enough time to leave.
SPEEDKEY Lighting control touch panel is real-world benefit including convenience, security, time-savings, safety, energy conservation, and design aesthetics.

SK-T2000D1 Intelligent dimmer touch panel
SPEEDKEY Dimmer touch panel, the ideal solution for energy saving, lets you adjust light levels from nearly dark to fully light by simply touch the screen buttons. Instead of reaching for a traditional plastic dimmer switch, imagine adjusting your lights with just a gentle touch of glass screen. A simple tap turns on, off and keeping press dims the lights. SPEEDKEY dimmer touch panel transform a purely mechanical task into an intriguing sensual experience and add a beautiful touch of contemporary design to an otherwise plain wall.
Directly touch the panel to achieve light control and brightness modulation. LED backlight shows the status of lamps.
* LED blue backlight glows softly in the dark for easy dimmer location.
* Full-range dimming possible.
* Lights fade up and down smoothly allowing your eyes to adjust to changing light levels.
* Easy installation and operation.
* Provides infrared remote control of lights.
* SPEEDKEY Dimmer touch panel are available for incandescent lamp and fluorescent light.
* Dimming extends bulb life. Energy saving
* Suitable for decorative design in homes, office buildings and star hotels.
SK-T2000C1 Intelligent curtain touch panel
Reverse operation should be proceeded after stop it. This helps user get appropriate control measurement, efficient, safe and reliable
Innovative design, easy and convenient operation.
Besides LED backlight touch button control on/off, the indicator's position is very clear and the design meets modern trends.it can also be easily identified at night.
Suitable for decorative design in homes, office buildings and star hotels.
SK-T2300 Intelligent touch panel

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control

Intelligent light control