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SK-AC2000 Electronic Room Thermostat controls the fan speed of fan coil and Electronic cool-hot valve switch for the central Air-Conditioning, so as to keep the indoor temperature to be fixed temperature.
  • 3 speed fan coil, electric water valve, electrical water valve, heating control.
  • Cooling Mode, Heating Mode, Auto Mode, Fan Mode.
  • LED backlight indication shows you the temperature in the dark and you can set different temperatures and wind output with remote control.

Picture Description
SK-AC2000T-2P Electronic room thermostat
SK-AC2000 intelligent Electronic Room Thermostat is featured with unique design and simple operation.
1. Super-luxuriously designed and made of PC fire resistant, insulating and metal materials with a plurality of optional colors, which meet the design requirement of decorating the house, office building and high star hotels.
2. There is backlight glass touch-type buttons. Its luminescent LCD display can indicate indoor temperature, user's set temperature, wind speed and time. it is convenient to operate clearly in any environment, evenin the dark.
3. Blue luminescent touch-type design weets modern trend and it can be indentified easily at night.
4. 24 hours time showing, can be set timing turn on or off.
5. EEPROM can permanently keep parameters set by the user during power off.
6. Intelligent circuit control has 3 steps of wind speed control, there are 3 optional modes which is cooling mode, heating mode and automatic mode can be set by infrared remote. SK-AC2000 Electronic Room Thermostat can replace traditional mechanical air conditioning temperature controller and it can effectively save more than 30% energy.
7. SK-AC2000 Electronic Room Thermostat is applicable in BS4662 wall box.

SK-AC2300T time display
Electronic room thermostat