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Wall Safe W-406

For the safety of your in house cash, data or electronic equipments (Safe logger units, master cards/keys for electronic locks etc), we recommend this safe for all the hotels. Its sleek and strong body and design provides the combination that it can be easily installed in the furniture or wall ensuring complete security to the hotel.

DIMENSIONS(Height, Width, Depth) Outside-mm WALL CUT :390/370/89
Outside-inches WALLCUT :15.4/14.56/3.5
BODY THICKNESS Door Thickness 5mm/0.20"
Side Wall Thickness 2mm/0.079"
VOLUME   12.5L/0.44 cu ft
WEIGTH   17 kg/37 lb
OPENING   Standard left and Right Door opening
PANEL OPERATION ADA approved Keypad Available in Electronic Series D / C / DC
CLOSING   Motorized by 2 bolts20mm / 5/16"