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Today, more than ever, your guests expect nothing less than the best, in terms of both security and convenience.

Our collection of electronic in-room safes will exceed their expectations.

FEATURES    D103  D104 
DIMENSIONS(Height, Width, Depth) Outside-mm 160/420/400  156/535/430
Outside-inches  6.3/16.54/15.75  6.14/21.1/16.9
BODY THICKNESS Door Thickness 5mm/0.20" 4mm/0.158"
Side Wall Thickness 2mm/0.079" 2mm/0.079"
VOLUME   13.4L/0.47cu ft 26.4L/0.93 cu ft
WEIGTH   15kg/33 lb 13kg/ 29 lb
OPENING   Front door opening
PANEL OPERATION ADA approved Keypad  Available in Electronic Series D / C / DC
CLOSING   Motorized by 2 bolts20mm / 5/16"