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International PowerWave

The guestLINK™ connectivity panels have been proclaimed the most revolutionary in-room technology to occur in five decades in the hospitality industry. While our original models were designed as passive devices, the new PowerWave line is auto-sensing and designed to interface with any 3rd party, in-room entertainment technology.

The PowerWave is a system of inputs located on one panel, which allow multiple connections to various electronic devices. Guests simply plug in their laptop, camcorder, digital camera, game station, DVD, iPod or iPhone, etc., to surf the Internet, view photographs or videos from their personal video library on the HDTV screen. They can listen to their music on surround sound speakers, play games and utilize the HDTV screen as a computer monitor.

The PowerWave modulates the audio and video signals to HDMI 1.38 and connects to the HDTV via a single HDMI cable. The PowerWave contains two electrical outlets and a USB charger. No more searching for an available power outlet. The PowerWave may also boost a hotel's bottom line by increasing in-room time and room service use.

PW4 PowerWave Desktop

PW4A PowerWave Flush-Mount

It doesn't get much easier than this.

Our engineers thought of everything, so you wouldn't have to. To minimize downtime during installing and disruptions in service, we've designed guestLINK™ to be one technology solution that should never be a problem.

The guestLINK™ PowerWave™ comes in both desktop and wall-mount designs
guestLINK™'s flexible design blends with your room environment and allows you to locate the PowerWave™ on a desk or it can be inserted in the casegoods or wall.

Installation is a Snap
guestLINK™ is a self-contained console that allows for easy connections to power sources, TV monitors and other electronic devices. The new PowerWave™ console connects to the HDTV via a single HDMI cable. This makes cable management an easy task.

Safe and Secure
In compliance with fire code regulations and UL listed, all electrical receptacles are wired to the grounded power supply cord.

The Power of the Wave
The next generation PowerWave™ is the most revolutionary in-room technology to occur in five decades. With the July 2008 release of the PowerWave™, guestLINK™ will continue to expand the in-room technology revolution making PowerWave™ a guest that's sure to stay. That's the power of the wave. Ride it.

The first time your guests use the guestLINK PowerWave in-room connectivity panel, there's no doubt they'll be impressed. With no effort at all, they'll be able to plug in a laptop, iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, digital camera, personal DVD or CD play and even an Xbox and automatically receive connectivity to the HD flat panel TV screen.

No confusion.
No waiting.
And no unsightly cable bundle, just a single HDMI cable connects the PowerWave to the flat panel.

PowerWave Connectivity Options-
  -  Single HDMI cable connection to HD flat panel TV
  -  PowerWave interfaces with any third-party, in-room entertainment technology
  -  PowerSection provides two ground electrical receptacles
  -  Comes in both desktop and wall-mount models
  -  PowerWave includes USB charging and data ports and the latest iTouch, iPhone, iPod connectivity
  -  PowerWave auto-senses the guest's personal electronic device and displays the image or video on the        HDTV flat panel

Seamless, easy-to-use and robust, guestLINK™ connects people to the cutting-edge, and as a result, creates a better, more enjoyable experience. From hotels and resorts to service companies and media-savvy users, guestLINK™ benefits everyone who uses technology.

Turn any room into a media room
Whether it's a hotel room, a VIP designated area, a conference room, meeting center, office or just another room in the house, guestLINK™ transforms the way people connect and use technology.

Create a better guest experience
Hotels that add guestLINK™ to their in-room amenities will change the way guests stay. With more entertainment and work options, guests will spend more time in their rooms, which, in turn, will increase room service and extended stays. In addition, tech-savvy hotels stand to attract customers who appreciate the added amenity.

Increase business connections
Whether guestLINK™ is used in conference rooms, boardrooms or media-enhanced offices, businesses will enjoy greater connectivity and more robust business applications.

Plug in. Turn on. It's that easy.
Highly flexible and easy to use, the guestLINK™ control panel contains a diverse assortment of analog and digital input jacks that enable PCs and other devices to connect to monitors, surround sound systems and the Internet.

Stylish and functional
From wall-units and modular office systems to desks and consoles, guestLINK™ has custom-mounting capabilities that fit a wide variety of décor.

Multiple connections for many capabilities
The guestLINK™ PowerWave™ includes inputs for HDMI, Composite Video, Left/Right Audio, S-Video, VGA, 3.5 mini Audio in, iPod/iPhone 30 pin, USB pass-through, and RJ45 Internet. The PowerWave™ also includes two simplexes and a USB charger. A single HDMI cable connects the PowerWave™ to the HDTV. This exciting new technology will be available in July of 2008.

Simple connectivity between PC and TV monitor
The guestLINK™ PowerWave™connects to the HDTV via a single HDMI cable. Devices are auto-sensed as they are connected to the PowerWave™. This new PowerWave™ comes in both desktop and wall-mount versions.

Easy and secure power source
Two grounded electrical receptacles and a USB charger provide power for PCs and other devices. Each is wired to the grounded power supply cord. The guestLINK™ PowerWave™ is UL listed.