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Smart Cube

One of the most interesting technical features is Smart Cube's ability to upgrade its technology seamlessly from a manual or semi-automated to a fully automated minibar without interrupting the daily operation.

Traditional honor bar  In addition to Classic features  In addition to Flexi features
Upgradable to Flexi or Automated Models.  Electric lock
Fully automated with intelligent infrared sensors
Internal and external lighting Keyless locking and unlocking Self-diagnostic S reporting software
LED usage indicator lights  Reports door opens Full report suite
Interchangeable Panels   S reporting software Optional automated SMART
Adjustable racking  Handheld unit to track sales and refill Optional Single water censors
Large Capacity Upgradable to AUTOMATED  
Automated Defrost    
Glass door option    
Faster refills due to LED usage indicator lights 50% labor saving over manual operation 70% labor saving
Glass door increases sales Remote locking and unlocking Lowest allowances
Low energy consumption Better control Minimal guest disturbances
Great Design   Additional operational support tools
    Remote service capability