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We Provide Keycards to more then 200 Hotels throughout India.

VISTA makes doing business easy. We are a full service company that works with you through every step of the process. VISTA KeyCards are made from the superior quality plastic cards and magnetic stripes, manufactured and imported, from our suppliers based in USA and UK.

Edge to edge, double sided multi colored printing.
We believe every color has a language and expression and the first thing we notice around. It can attract your attention or change your mood. Is it any wonder that color how you use it, is one of the most important decorating decisions you’ll make in your hotel? Inside your hotel, the latest and the way they’re applied give voice to class and décor.

Similarly, we understand the importance of colors and hence ensure even the lightest shade make an impression through your hotel KeyCards. We provide – Magnetic stripe keycards, smart Cards, Custom Cards keycards, KeyCard envelopes, and cleaning cards etc.

Custom and Event Cards.

When it comes to special planning, a personalized keycard is the perfect keepsake. Special event planning key cards can be used for weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, conventions, trade shows, or any other occasion like Christmas and New Year etc. It’s a great way to customize your occasions and welcome guests. Every hotel guest in the block will use this memento to access their room throughout stay. This is a very unique and elegant touch to special event planning that will be remembered.


Custom key cards from VISTA set your hotel apart with your high impact design, property photo, or marketing message. VISTA does all the work. We utilizes the latest in card manufacturing equipment to insure that your high quality, laminated key cards are compatible with your lock system 100% guaranteed. Lead time is 4-6 weeks from your color/design prop approval.


Moreover, we stock over hundred thousand keycards, which are ready for shipment as quickly as 24 hours. Our dedicated sales team will lead you through the process and make sure your project is successful. For custom cards, you can submit artwork, or use our skilled graphics department to create key cards that meet your needs.

We are eager to provide you with any further assistance and free sample of keycards you may needing please Contact us